Jun 10, 2023 Apr 01, 2024

Elmgreen & Dragset

Good Luck
Elmgreen & Dragset, The One & The Many, 2010 et The Outsiders, 2020


Jun 10, 2023 Apr 01, 2024


Grande Nef, Forum, toits des Galeries et Jardin


Chiara Parisi, Director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz

‘Good Luck is the title of an extensive presentation at Pompidou Metz mixing installation, sculpture and performance. The show will feature a full-scale apartment building, a circus arena, a playground and other urban elements that together will create a number of dream-like scenarios, with parts of the exhibition gradually emerging, disappearing and reappearing throughout the duration of the show.’ This is how Elmgreen and Dragset describe their first project in a museum in France, which they imagined to fit in majesty in the Main Nave, while radiating the Forum, the roofs of the galleries and the garden. At the heart of the project – operating as a synthesis of ancient and recent works – young artists, students, circassians and opera singers will interact with hyperrealistic human sculptures to activate various performances on stage.

For their first museum exhibition in France, Elmgreen & Dragset have composed a narrative sequence of installations, sculptures and actions for the Centre Pompidou-Metz, entitled "Bonne Chance", which will take pride of place in the Grande Nef, while radiating out into the Forum, the gallery roofs and the garden.