Jun 10, 2023 Apr 01, 2024

Elmgreen & Dragset

Bonne Chance
Elmgreen & Dragset, All Dressed Up, 2022


Jun 10, 2023 Apr 01, 2024


Grande Nef, Forum, toits des Galeries et Jardin


Chiara Parisi, Director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz

The Centre Pompidou-Metz is pleased to present Bonne Chance, the first solo exhibition in a French institution by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset. For this extensive show, curated by Chiara Parisi, the artists will drastically transform the Grand Nef, the Forum and roof top gallery into numerous allencompassing artificial environments. Notably, this is the first time that the museum has given over the immense Grand Nef gallery space to a solo exhibition.

The Scandinavian artists Elmgreen & Dragset, a star duo on the international scene, take over the Forum, the Grande Nef and the roof of Gallery 1 with a monumental and disconcerting exhibition entitled "Bonne Chance".


Exhibition catalogue


Exhibition catalogue - Elmgreen & Dragset. Bonne Chance

The catalogue, the first work in French devoted to the work of Elmgreen & Dragset, offers a new perspective on the duo's work. Richly illustrated by a photographic campaign carried out during the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, it features a lengthy interview with the artists conducted by Chiara Parisi and two essayS, by philosophers Quill R. Kukla and Emanuele Coccia. Quill R. Kukla approaches the exhibition through the lens of gamification, in particular the way in which space controls and sculpts our movement, our perception and even our capacity to act, without our being aware of it. This text explores the everyday environments recreated by Elmgreen & Dragset to reveal how architecture and urbanism regulate our lives, as if we were participating in a huge game. Emanuele Coccia will question the irony and absurdity inherent in Elmgreen & Dragset's work, for whom the reproduction of reality highlights the strangeness inherent in any banal experience. Absurdity is thus no longer the measure of the unbearability of existence, but a detail that enables normative logic to be overturned. The book will be concluded by an illustrated chronology of the 30 major exhibitions of Elmgreen & Dragset.

Elmgreen & Dragset. Bonne Chance Éditions du Centre Pompidou-Metz
Bilingual book (French and English)
200 illustrations from a photographic campaign carried out in situ


185 x 236 mm



Publication date

20 October 2023


40 €


Visiting guide - Worldbuilding


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