The experience

travel at the speed of a dream

Charles Paul Wilp, Yves Klein sur une échelle devant son relief-éponge au Neues Stadttheater de Gelsenkirchen Allemagne, Berlin, BPK
Charles Paul Wilp, Yves Klein sur une échelle devant son relief-éponge au Neues Stadttheater de Gelsenkirchen Allemagne, Berlin, BPK

All masterpieces

Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Penone, Brancusi, Klein... The 120,000 masterpieces in the Centre Pompidou's exceptional collection of modern and contemporary art regularly come to Metz in majesty, for the duration of an exhibition. It is a joy and a pride to share with our parent institution, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, a common vision of art, while cultivating our independence. Our exhibitions are very different but equally ambitious, always unique, demanding and generous. They appeal to all eyes and are open to all trends. At the crossroads of major European cities, we welcome nearly 300,000 visitors each year, many of whom come from cross-border countries, curious about or in love with modern and contemporary art.

Photo Match with Art, Michael Hansmeyer, Benjamin Dillenburger, Grotto II, 2017
Photo Match with Art, Michael Hansmeyer, Benjamin Dillenburger, Grotto II, 2017

Let's walk in the woods

Iconic, the Centre Pompidou-Metz offers a concentrate of intense sensations. The architecture, unique. The space, open to the city, the world and art of course. The Grand Nave and the open-air lifts offer a breathtaking view of the volumes. The roof, whose highest point rises to 77 metres, braided with giant beams, reveals a spectacular geometry. At the heart of the Galleries, the exhibitions awaken, amaze, shake up and question. They offer a space for wandering that is conducive to dreaming. Always in effervescence under "this big Chinese hat", art is here poetic and committed. Without filters and without restraint.


Alive, intensely!

Art is on every floor. Inside, outside. Everywhere it takes place. Multidisciplinary, protean and lively, it gives of itself without counting the cost. You can attend a show, a conference, a film, a dance, a performance, a concert, a fashion show, or all of these at once. Curious and entertaining, the events give a different view of the world. Joyfully offbeat, they are at the crossroads of all influences. In the Capsule or the Paper Tube Studio, you can create freely, put yourself in the shoes of an artist or in the head of an architect. The Centre Pompidou-Metz is a living space where art is omnipresent.

Bal voguing - Vinii Revlon

In the city and in the green

Between culture and nature, you can choose both, even if it means taking a break in the green. The shady gardens, which are equipped with deckchairs, offer an ideal place to relax and unwind. The undergrowth is popular with children, who make it their playground. In the autumn, the gardens will be revisited by the extraordinary landscape designer Gilles Clément, who likes to compose "with what is alive and unpredictable in nature", as he often says. Just a stone's throw from the Centre, the large Jean-Marie Pelt Park is a veritable green lung in the heart of the very pretty city of Metz. Better still, urban globetrotters will appreciate the Museum's location in the heart of the city and a stone's throw from the train station. Everything can be reached on foot in a few minutes.


Time for indulgence

The restaurant: opening on 5 June 2024
Art is also culinary, and the arrival of Michelin-starred chef Charles Coulombeau promises a new gourmet adventure at the Centre Pompidou-Metz restaurant. Combining the flavours of French gastronomy and Japanese culinary art, this exceptional venue will offer a Franco-Japanese brasserie at lunchtime and a gourmet restaurant for a unique dining experience in the evening.
Renovated by architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines, the space offers a warm, modern setting, and its shaded terrace overlooks the splendid garden designed by the famous landscape architect Gilles Clément.

**The café
Located on the ground floor, the Café invite is ideal for a quick lunch or a tasting of teas, lemonades and irresistible local beers.


A nugget, the bookshop-boutique

A visit to the bookshop-boutique is a must. Renowned for its selection of books, its range of children's items is not to be outdone, with a nice range of fun, unusual or educational objects. Undeniably, it is an exceptional place to browse and find the souvenir or rare object that will please.