Centre Pompidou-MetzThe Institution

The Centre Pompidou-Metz has the status of an Etablissement Public de Coopération Culturelle (EPCC: Public Cultural Co-operation Establishment), the members of which are Metz Métropole, the Region "Grand Est", the City of Metz, the Centre Pompidou and the French State. A status that guarantees the Centre’s complete independence in its scientific and cultural choices, the support and control of the local government bodies, which provide funding, and its affiliation with the Centre Pompidou as an associated body.

The local government bodies contribute to the operational budget. Their contribution totals 9 million euros, broken down as follows:

  • Metz Métropole: 5,15 million euros

  • Region "Grand Est": 4 million euros

  • City of Metz: 0,55 million euros

The seats on the Centre Pompidou-Metz board of directors are divided up between the Centre Pompidou, the French State, Metz Métropole, the Region "Grand Est" and the City of Metz. The president of the Moselle General Council and the president of the Wendel group board of directors, the founding patron, sit on the board of directors as qualified individuals.

In accordance with the regulations governing operation of EPCCs, the director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz enjoys considerable autonomy in cultural and scientific matters. In compliance with the French General Local Authorities Code, he is appointed by the president of the EPCC on a nomination received from the board of directors, chosen by a two-thirds majority.