Sep 18 Nov 14, 2021

Interspecies Cinematic Encounters

Jean-Michel Frodon & Rasha Salti
Jean-Michel Frodon et Rasha Salti, Interspecies Cinematic Encounters


Sep 18 Nov 14, 2021


Galerie 3

In prefiguration of the invitation made to the Taipei Biennale by the Centre Pompidou- Metz, its curators Bruno Latour, Martin Guinard and Eva Lin invite you to discover Interspecies Cinematic Encounters. This installation made of screens, images and sounds, was imagined by film historian Jean-Michel Frodon and curator Rasha Salti. It explores the infinite ways that cinema has imagined to represent encounters between beings commonly considered to belong to different kingdoms. She brings together film clips from all over the world, in which humans, animals, plants, minerals, waters, mists, fogs, ghosts and spirits come into contact, influence, merge or transform.

Discover also the installation Remember the Light by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige with which you will dive into the abyss, or the photograms showing the 'ghosts' found by Lucien Castaing Taylor and Véréna Paravel in the images of their film Leviathan.