May 07, 2022 Apr 24, 2023

Thomas Houseago

Sculptures pour amoureux
Thomas Houseago, Sculpture for kids and lovers, Portal Tapestry (détail), Demon Protector, A Full Day of Love, Episode Sculpture (Back to Leeds) et Miraval Owl, 2022


May 07, 2022 Apr 24, 2023



Curated by

Chiara Parisi, Director of Centre Pompidou-Metz

The British artist Thomas Houseago has created two installations for the Forum of Centre Pompidou-Metz. He is exhibiting three raw, unstretched paintings. Hung from the roof, they add to the impact of Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines’ architecture and allow visitors to experience the works in their three-dimensionality. The first season will be extended by an ensemble of three sculptures in autumn.

These paintings are executed at his Californian studio, in Malibu, outdoors and exposed to the elements.


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Géré par la Fondation Roi Baudouin