Jan 19, 2023


With Alain Damasio and Heloise Brezillon


Auditorium Wendel


5 € / Gratuit pour les adhérents Pass-M, PASS-M SOLO, PASS-M DUO et Pass-M Jeune


environ 90'

The publishers La Volte have invited three authors for a polyphonic "perference". "Perferer" means to perform interacting and clashing fictions. Science fiction is a way of dreaming and thinking about the world of the future. It opens up the horizon once more for those who still want to be among the living – love, solidarity, jubilation, weaving – in the rifts of a society that is more and more unbearable as it outlaws all form of otherness. It is the poetic and political soil for contemporary literary publishing. Stay alert! Here possibilities are growing!