« You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet »

Exhibitions« You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet »

From November 6th 2021 to April 4th 2022

If we asked you what planet you live on, you might find the question strange and the answer obvious: Earth! Yet living like modern people who use the resources of six planets, and living on a single, fragile planet with limited resources is clearly not the same thing.

At a time when democracies are experiencing a rise of populism and dictatorships pose an increasingly pressing threat, our hypothesis is that climate change is not simply one issue among others, but will likely frame the political discussion entirely. And there is increasing disagreement on how to keep the world inhabitable, not only because political opinions diverge, but more crucially because we don’t seem to agree on what the earth is made of. Some people still think the world is flat! It is as if there were several versions of Earth whose properties and capacities are so different that they are like distinct planets.

If we had to present briefly our metaphorical planetarium, we could say that there is the planet of the those who want to keep modernizing regardless of the planet’s boundaries (planet Globalization). But this planet seems to have little traction among those who feel betrayed by the current economic system and need to hide behind the walls of their nation state to protect themselves (planet Security). This is without mentioning the few hyper-privileged who can afford to think they will escape to Mars (planet Escape). This discussion is occurring while the way of life on a planet that could reconcile forms of prosperity while keeping in the planetary limits has yet to be invented (planet Gaia).

Each planet has a gravitational pull which immensely influences the way you feel, the way you behave, and, of course, how you imagine your future. We will be exploring all these different worlds thanks to artists, scientists, and activists who have intuitively grasped something and can help increase our awareness of this strange situation.

How many other planets exist in this system? The jury is still out. And where do you, the visitor, stand? We’ll let you think about that so you can choose the planet you want to live on.

Bruno Latour, Martin Guinard and Eva Lin.


Exhibition conceived and produced by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum for the 12th Taipei Biennial and adapted by the Centre Pompidou-Metz. With the exceptional support of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan and in partnership with the Cultural Center of Taiwan in Paris.

Bruno Latour is professor emeritus, associated with the médialab and the School of Political Arts (SPEAP) at Sciences Po Paris. Since January 2018, he has been a lecturer at the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) and a professor at the Hochschüle für Gestaltung (HfG), both located in Karlsruhe (Germany). He is a member of several academies, holds six honorary doctorates and was awarded the Holberg Prize in 2013. He has written and published more than twenty books and over one hundred and fifty articles. His major curated exhibitions include "Iconoclash: Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion, and Art" with Peter Weibel (2002), "Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy" (2005) and "Reset Modernity!" (2016). The catalogues for all three exhibitions are published by MIT Press. He is a member of the curatorial committee for the ZKM's current exhibition "Critical Zones: Observatories for Earthly Politics".

Martin Guinard is an exhibition curator and he is responsible for the programming of conferences and publications at Luma Arles. He has worked on several interdisciplinary projects on ecological change. In recent years, he has collaborated with Bruno Latour on various international projects, including "Reset Modernity!" (2016), at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM), as well as for the repetition of the same project on two working platforms in different geographical contexts: the first one in China, "Reset Modernity! Shanghai Perspective', as part of the Shanghai 2017 Project; the second in Iran, 'Reset Modernity! Tehran Perspective" (curator: Reza Haeri), at the Pejnam Foundation and the Institute of History of Science, University of Tehran, in 2019. He is curating an exhibition currently on view at the ZKM, "Critical Zones: Observatories for Earthly Politics".

Eva Lin is an independent curator based in Taiwan. She is the curator of the Taipei Biennial's public programmes. Recent projects she has curated include "Parallax: Damage Control" (2017), "The Hidden South" (2018), "The Upcoming Past" (2019), "Ryoji Ikeda Solo Exhibition" (with Jo Hsiao, 2019), and the 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition - ANIMA (with Wei Yu, 2020). She is currently the director of mt.project.

Aluaiy Kaumakan (Taiwan)
Antonio Vega Macotela (Mexico)
Cemelesai Takivalet (Taiwan)
Chang Yung-Ta (Taiwan)
Chen Yin-Ju (Taiwan)
Cui Jie (China)
Femke Herregraven (the Netherlands)
Fernando Palma Rodríguez (Mexico)
Franck Leibovici and Julien Seroussi (France)
Frédérique Aït-Touati (France)
Hamedine Kane, Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro with Olivia Anani and Lou Mo (Senegal, Mauritania, France, Benin, Canada)
Huang Hai-Hsin (Taiwan)
James T. Hong (Taiwan / USA)
Jean-Michel Frodon and Rasha Salti (France / Lebanon)
Jean Katambayi Mukendi (Congo)
Jonas Staal (the Netherlands)
June Balthazard and Pierre Pauze (France)
Liu Chuang (China)
Marianne Morild (Norway)
MILLIØNS / Zeina Koreitem & John May (USA / Lebanon)
Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (Lithuania)
Su Yu-Hsin (Taiwan)

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Exhibition conceived and produced by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum for the 12th Taipei Biennial and adapted by the Centre Pompidou-Metz.
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With the exceptional support of the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
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