Centre Pompidou-MetzProject Beginnings

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© Centre Pompidou-Metz / Photo Roland Halbe

In 2002, when the idea to decentralise the Centre Pompidou was launched, a number of cities were considered including Caen, Montpellier, Lyon, Nancy, Lille and Metz.

Metz was chosen since it benefits from numerous assets enabling it to embrace a project of this scope:

  • An available site merely 2 minutes from the railway station and close to the town centre;

  • A town planning project for a new district, the Amphitheatre district, incorporating the Centre Pompidou-Metz that will be its bridgehead;

  • A strategic geographical location at the heart of Europe;

  • A city served by the high speed train (TGV);

  • A political intention to promote and invest in culture to consolidate the notoriety and economic growth of the city;

  • The necessary financial capacity to invest in such a project.