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Views from above - Exhibition Catalogue
Views from above - Exhibition Catalogue

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Views from above

Exhibition Catalogue. Collective work coordinated by Angela Lampe
Published : May 2013

Views from above considers how an elevated perspective, from the first aerial photographs of the mid-nineteenth century to the satellite images, has transformed artists' perception of the world.
The exhibition catalogue unfolds in eight themed sections – displacement, planimetrics, extension, detachment, domination, topography, urbanisation, supervision – that travel through the modern era, marked by two world wars. Innovative scenography takes visitors through time as well as space: little by little, the "view from above" rises from balcony level to a satellite.

The catalogue includes contributions from outstanding specialists as Christoph Asendorf , Oliver Botar, Teresa Castro, Alexandra Chatiskikh, Georges Didi-Hubermann, Thierry Gervais, Angela Lampe, Aurélien Lemonier, Olivier Lugon, Pascal Rousseau, Gilles Tiberghien, Marek Wieczorek…

Price France: €49
22 x 27.5 cm, Otabind™ binding, 432 pages
Graphic Design: Wijntje van Rooijen & Pierre Péronnet
ISBN: 978-2-35983-025-5
Editor : Centre Pompidou-Metz

Front cover picture : Berenice Abbott, Nightview, New York, 1932. The Art Institute of Chicago. © Berenice Abbott / Commerce Graphics, Courtesy. Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York