Centre Pompidou-MetzThe Institution

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L'équipe du Centre Pompidou-Metz, Janvier 2019 © Photo Olivier Liévin


Emma Lavigne


General Secretariat

Igor Boïko
Secretary General

Pascal Keller
Assistant Secretary General

Cécilia Zunt-Radot
Head of Sponsorship and International Relations

Thibault Creste
Sponsorship and Public relations Officer

Noé Robin
Sponsorship and Public relations Officer

Elia Biezunski
Personal Assistant and Project Coordinator

Jennifer Gies
Public Relations Officer

Hélène de Bisschop
Legal Advisor

Raphaël Claudin
Head of Security

Liudmila Carnero
Director assistant  

Emilie Engler
Secretarial Assistant


Department of Administration and Finance and Human Resources

Séverine Marchal
Head of Department

Georges Massouras
Chief Accountant  

Mathieu Grenouillet
Accounts Assistant

Christelle Iacona
Accounts Assistant

Audrey Jeanront
Human Resources Management Assistant

Alexandra Morizet
Public Contracts Advisor

Véronique Müller
Accounts Assistant

Jean-Pierre Del Vecchio
Systems and Networks Administrator

Sami Elmessii
Systems and audiovisual Assistant


Department of Building Maintenance and Operation

Christian Bertaux
Head of Building Maintenance and Operation

Jean-Michel Bersweiler
Operations Officer

Stéphane Leroy
Work supervisor

Alice Majka
Work supervisor Assistant

Sébastien Bertaux
Chief Electrician

Roselyne Copin
Technician painter

Eric Marjotte
Technical Coordinator

Eric Kocher
Chief Electrician




Department of Production

Fanny Moinel  
Head of Department

Alexandre Chevalier
Galleries Registrar

Jérôme Gallos
Galleries Registar Assistant

Christine Hall
IT and audiovisual technician

Philippine Lagarrigue
Audiovisual Assistant

Thibault Leblanc
Performing Arts Registrar

Charline Becker
Project manager

Bernardo Di Battista
Project manager

Éléonore Mialonier 
Project manager

Marianne Pouille
Project Manager

Maud Ramier
Project Manager

Julie Schweitzer
Project manager

Jeanne Simoni / Camille Molina
Project manager

Maëva Gomez
Production Assistant

Stasuki Konoike
Project Assistant


Department of Programming

Jean-Marie Gallais
Head of Department

Claire Bonnevie

Cécile Amen

Maud Christides

Géraldine Celli /  Françoise Lacan
Wendel Auditorium and Studio Programming Officer

Anne Horvath
Coordination Assistant

Hélène Meisel / Arnaud Dejeammes
Research and Exhibitions Officer

Alexandra Müller
Researchs and Exhibitions Officer

Dominique Oukkal
Manufacturing Coordinator

 Department of Visitor Relations and Communication

Agathe Bataille
Head of Department


Mediation Team

Jules Coly
Visitor Relations, Information and Accessibility Officer

Anne-Marine Guiberteau
Youth Programming and Educational Activities Officer

Anne Oster
Schools Relations Officer


Communication and Development Team

Anne Fleury
Groups and Tourism Visitor Relations

Claire Toutain
Individual Visitor Relations

Marie-Christine Haas 
Multimedia Communications Officer

Anne-Laure Miller / Sarah Errico
Communications Officer

Marion Gales
Press Relations Officer


Tickets Team

Djamila Clary
Sales Officer

Béatrice Annecca
Assistant Sales Offier

Charlotte Puech
Ticket Officer 

Aurélien Strelzyk
Bookin Officer

Nassima Abadelia
Ticket inspector

Tagematte Birsingh
Ticket inspector

Sandra Gaschen
Ticket inspector

Suely Mangenot
Ticket inspector

Valentine Frecaut
Ticket inspector