Susanna Fritscher, Flickering

ExhibitionsSusanna Fritscher, Flickering

From 21st March to 17th August 2020

Locations : Galerie 3
Category : Exhibitions
Public : All ages

In honour of the institution’s anniversary, the Austrian artist Susanna Fritscher has designed a work which espouses the architecture of Centre Pompidou-Metz. Foundation of her installations, architecture is joined to unstable materials that are dear to her. Glass, silicone threads, sails, plastics mask the amount of air taken up in a tangible and slender texture, which flutters under the effect of light and of a puff of wind. Susanna Fritscher works vibrate and rustle like leaves off trees, composing light interplay, transparency and movement. The artist, who distinguished herself with the exhibition From Air, from Light and from Time at the Musée d’Arts in Nantes as well as the Biennale de Lyon in 2017, is offering an emotional installation which possesses the visitor, as an echo to the exhibitions The Sky as a Workshop. Yves Klein and his contemporaries and Chagall. The Light passer.


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