Soirée instantané - Hubert Colas

Live events and performancesSoirée instantané - Hubert Colas

Saturday 19 March 20h00

Locations : Studio
Category : Live events and performances
Cycle : Instantané
Discipline : Performance
Public price : 5€, 10€
Public : All ages
Duration : 160 minutes
Author : Hubert Colas, Philippe Grandrieux, Oh ! Tiger Moutain

Three shows are offered :

 "A room is entirely plunged into darkness. A circle of light is projected onto the floor, an extremely weak light, almost worn out. On the fringe of the circle, in a profound obscurity, something appears. A form doesn’t cease to transform, unstable, uncertain, human and animal. The pupils dilated, blinded by so much darkness, we search the obscurity. In the space of an instant, that which we at the same time desire and dread seeing, appears and the disappears, once again swallowed in the folds of our soul, defeat in the sombre depths of the monad. " Philippe Grandrieux / octobre 2010

Texte M from Hubert Colas (read by the author) : Texte M is the monologue of a dissolved body in a hostile world, when only the head remains, only the verb to rediscover the flesh.

Concert from Oh ! Tiger Mountain« Oh ! Tiger Mountain, likes to disguise himself as a tiger. To better hide? Discreet, the young Marseille songwriter composes folk songs in the style of Tim Hardin, Jeff Buckley and Smog, magnified by his particular tone of voice. » Eric Vernay