Ring your time

Artists' projectsRing your time

From February 4 to May 2, 2022

Locations : Paper Tube Studio (PTS)
Category : Artists' projects
Public : All ages
Author : David Horvitz

The work by David Horvitz Let Us Keep Our Own Noon was made by melting a found tower bell that was dated 1742. The artist instructed a bell foundry to make as many hand sized bells as possible with the melted bronze. 47 bells were made. These bells are hung in an installation, and then will be activated by a group performance organized with the presence of the artist.

David Horvitz was born in Los Angeles, where he currently lives and works. Playful and poetic, his works meddle with the systems of language, time and networks, hyper-paced Zoom calls, emails, and images transmitted through screens, word of mouth and physical movement or distribution, artist books, performances, memes, mail art, sound, rubber stamps, gastronomy, weather, travel, walks, and watercolor.


“With others or alone, ring a bell to sound the time.
Ring a bell sounding your time.”