Otto Piene, Blue Star Linz

ExhibitionsOtto Piene, Blue Star Linz

From January 30 to April 30, 2021

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Public : All ages

Otto Piene was the co-founder of the ZERO group, which sought to redefine art for a new start after the Second World War. With outdoor happenings that incorporate laser light projections and video images, Piene made a leap skywards with the creation in 1969 of the Sky Art, developed in part while he was director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Artists and scientists participated in multi-sensory events featuring gigantic, colourful inflatable installations which rose up and floated in the sky thanks to helium tubes.

With is 96 tentacles, Blue Star Linz is one of his biggest structure. It spread out in the air for the first time at the “Sky Event” organised by Walter Haupt, founder of the event Linzer Klangwolke (Linz sound cloud), the 9th of September 1980 in Austria. The fourth symphony of Anton Bruckner, romantic composer, was performed by an orchestra on this occasion, in connection with the Ars Electronica/Brucknerfest festival. In 1981, Blue Star Linz appeared in the sky again for the first Sky Art Conference at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the MIT in Cambridge. The blue flower, a symbol of German romanticism, also echoes the monochrome color of Yves Klein, a close friend of Otto Piene, who died in 1962.