Le dieu noir et le diable blond

FilmLe dieu noir et le diable blond

Friday 7 January 20h30

Locations : Auditorium Wendel
Category : Film
Discipline : Film
Public price : 5 € (tarif unique)
Public : All ages
Duration : 102 minutes
Author : Glauber Rocha

Centrales d'énergie
Mystic, revolutionary, flamboyant, restless genius of the Brazilian “ new cinema”.

Synopsis : Fictionalized account of the adventures of hired gunman Antonio das Mortes, set against the real life last days of rural banditism. The movie follows Antonio as he witnesses the descent of common rural worker Manuel into a life of crime, joining the gang of Antonio's sworn enemy, Corisco the Blond Devil (Othon Bastos), and the Pedra Bonita Massacre.  

Cinema cycle proposed by Jean-Michel Frodon, ex-editor in chief of the Cahiers du cinéma

Glauber Rocha, Le Dieu noir et le Diable blond, 1963, Brésil Production : Agnaldo Azevedo / Diffusion : Les Films sans frontières