La Monte Young et Marian Zazeela, <i>The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights 87 V 10 6:43:00 PM – 87 V 11 01:07:45 AM NYC </i> (1964-73-81-présent)

ExhibitionsLa Monte Young et Marian Zazeela, The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights 87 V 10 6:43:00 PM – 87 V 11 01:07:45 AM NYC (1964-73-81-présent)

From 22 of september 2018 to 7 january 2019

Locations : Galerie 1
Category : Exhibitions
Discipline : Installation
Public : All ages
Author : La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela

As an echo to The Adventure of Colour and in the prolongation of the presentation of the Dream House, a luminous and musical installation first performed as a our hands duet by the duo of artists La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, Centre Pompidou-Metz presents The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights 87 V 10 6:43:00 PM – 87 V 11 01:07:45 AM NYC, considered to be the master work of La Monte Young.

It was in 1962 that the American composer La Monte Young first performed The Four Dreams of China and becomes aware of his desire to “construct musical works which could be played for a very long time, indeed indefinitely”. In the same year, he met the visual artist and musician Marian Zazeela and as early as the month of August 1963, they conceive together the first visual and sonic installation by the name of Dream House. Marian Zazeela developed in it a system of progressive and coloured lighting which she placed on suspended mobiles. As far as La Monte Young is concerned he uses different oscillators of sinusoidal waves, oscilloscopes, amplifiers and loudspeakers to produce continuous frequency environments. The music played, made up of held notes which can be prolonged indefinitely, provoke a minimal reaction from the suspended mobiles. The projected shadow, resulting from the combination of several light sources, creates new three dimensional forms.

In 1967, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela met Pandit Prân Nath, a specialist of Indian raga and of the Kirana style. They became his disciples in 1970 and remained so until his death in 1996. La Monte Young stated, concerning Pandit Prân Nath: “It was with him that I truly understood the progressive transformation of a continuous note”
The first installation of the Dream House at the heart of a venue dedicated to art took place at the Friedrich Gallery in Munich in July 1969, and numerous others were presented in museums and art galleries in Europe and in the United States the following years, for periods of a few days to several years: Fondation Maeght, Saint Paul de Vence (1970); Documenta V, Kassel (1972); Dia Art Foundation, New York (from 1979 to 1985, then in 1989-1990); Ruine der Künste, Berlin (1992); Centre Pompidou, Paris (1994-1995). In 1993, a Dream House was permanently installed at the MELA Foundation of New York. In 1998, the Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon proposed to Marian Zazeela and La Monte Young to expose the work in a definitive version, which entered into the collection at the end of the exhibition.

It is therefore in this dream house that La Monte Young circulates and performs his works amongst which The Well-Tuned Piano composed and performed for the first time in 1964. This major piece in the history of music, is an echo to a cycle of preludes and fugues by Johann-Sebastien Bach brought together under the title of The Well-Tempered Keyboard, it continues even up until today to change, and expand according to the will of the improvisations of La Monte Young. In this video projected in the lit environment imagined by his wife Marian Zazeela, the artist, improvises a solo for piano during six hours and forty-three minutes on the principle of accurate intonation, performing eternal sounds which unfold in the magenta space. This mythical composition is an invitation to a new musical experience, blurring the visitor’s spatio-temporal references.


The video will be showed, once a day, 10:31 am to 5:14pm.



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