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A few key figures for building construction:

5 engineering and design consultancies worked on construction surveys for the structure and roof

More than 50 sub-contractors were involved in building construction

80 builders worked on-site during the main structural phase

200 people worked on finishings and fittings

3 cranes were used, the tallest with a 67 m boom

405 bored stakes with diameters of 50 cm to 1 m and 11 m deep

750 tons of scaffolding

12000 m3 of concrete (foundations and structure)

1500 tons of reinforcing bars

75000 working hours (main structure)

970 tons of structural steel (walls and hexagonal tower)

650 tons of roof timber

18 km of beams and 16,000 pieces to build the wooden roof structure

8000 m2 of PTFE membrane