Johan Creten - #CultureChezNous - Giorno 65

Centre pomidou Metz

On May 18, 2018 the artist Johan Creten installs a monumental and enigmatic fountain sculpture representing a bat in the city of Bolsward in the isolated region of Friesland, in the Netherlands. Later, he shows another version in Pilane in Sweden and in front of the Petit Palais in Paris.

Nowadays, this animal has become one of the symbols of the disaster that has spread across the planet, but they are mysterious and wonderful. Bats are animals that fascinate and intrigue; folk tales are filled of them. They are also very useful animals in our ecological system. The bat is not only a beautiful animal visually, but also very symbolically charged.

To the artist, it was most importantly one of the first times that he physically brought together in a sculpture his passion for literature and poetry by engraving in cast iron poems linked to the animal and human condition:
“On the premonitory bronze De Vleermuis are engraved several poems: one that I commissionned from Colin Lemoine “La Nuit Troglodytique” (The Troglodyte Night), another one named “Fear” by Earl Robert de Montesquiou and a poem by 92-year-old Dutch poetess Aggie van der Meer."

The sculpture requires physical interaction with the public. You have to touch it, pet it, explore it, climb it. Visitors can mount the sculpture and contemplate the world from a new angle. The more people touch and love the artwork, the more golden the patina will become and the more it will speak to the heart.