Centre Pompidou-MetzThe Architecture

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Espace intérieur

Inside the building

The architects have chosen to treat the interior spaces as an extension of the exterior, through the use of glass facades. The inside of the Main Nave, for example, is thus visible from the North Garden, thanks to its large picture windows. In summer, the retractable facades of the Forum can be opened, thus effacing the boundaries between the interior and the exterior.

On entering the Forum, visitors will find the lobby, the ticket office, the bookshop, the group desk, as well as the cloakroom and toilets.

Other areas

Directly accessible from the Forum is the Wendel Auditorium seating 144 (cinema, conferences, etc.) and the Studio, a multi-purpose circular building, presenting shows for up to 196 spectators and housing exhibitions.

A 70m2 café is also located on the ground floor, extending into the garden. From the café, visitors have access to the restaurant located on the roof of the creative studio, 7 metres above ground level. Offering seating for 100 people, one of the main features of this restaurant is its large south-facing balcony overlooking the garden.



The exhibition spaces

The main nave

From the Forum, the visitor’s eye is drawn to the Main Nave, the main exhibition space where the largest works of art are displayed. Covering 1,200m2, this area provides outstanding flexibility and freedom of expression, with the ceiling rising progressively from a height of 5.70 to 18 metres.



The three galleries




80 metres long, the three exhibition galleries are built as concrete rectangular tubes with no interior supporting pillars (this highly innovative approach recalls the technology used in bridge building).







These galleries, superimposed on three floors and crossing one another, create vast open spaces that allow exceptional freedom for the layout of exhibitions.







The galleries feature large picture windows, oriented to offer prime viewing points over the city. From the galleries, visitors discover panoramic views over Metz cathedral, the railway station and Seille Park.