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Collection « Instantanés »

The “Instantanés” (Instantaneous) collection, designed to accompany the cultural programme of the Centre Pompidou-Metz and its highlights, groups monographs by artists from the performing arts. Choreographers and stage directors join forces to create a landscape rarely found in the world of art, that of emerging contemporary creation. The collection thus attempts to fix artistic forms, by their very essence fleeting and in continual transformation, fleeing all attempts at permanence. Each of the titles in the collection comprises a portrait, sketched from life, of artists from the new generation, and relates in images the highlights of their career.

Tiago Guedes

Text by Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

“Instantanés” collection 01

Published: March 2011

Matériaux divers” (Miscellaneous materials) is at one and the same time a show, a company and a festival, created and directed by one of the most remarkable choreographers on the European stage, the Portuguese Tiago Guedes. This artistic creation is the perfect reflection of his work in which dance, performance, music and visual arts come together in a unique composition.

The critic Tiago Bartolomeu Costa recounts in this work the highlights in Tiago Guedes’s career, and shows us the new horizons opened up by this versatile artist.

Price in France: 12 euros

72 pages, 13 x 19.5 cm, soft-cover

Graphic design of the collection: Thomas Bizzarri

ISBN : 978-2-35983-010-1

Hubert Colas

Texts by Thomas Ferrand and Hubert Colas

“Instantanés” collection 02

Published: May 2011

Published on the occasion of his invitation to Metz in March 2011, this work relates the many-facetted career of Hubert Colas: author, stage director, scenic artist, director of the Montévidéo site of creation and of the actOral festival in Marseille. The texts and photographs presented show us a unique universe, strange, intense and committed to its theatre, in which the relationship with the public is front-on and without ambiguity. Raw theatre.

Price in France: 12 euros

80 pages, 13 x 19.5 cm, soft-cover

Graphic design of the collection: Thomas Bizzarri

ISBN: 978-2-35983-011-8


Fanny de Chaillé

Published in october 2011