Evening #7 - Ryoji Ikeda, supercodex [live set]

Live events and performancesEvening #7 - Ryoji Ikeda, supercodex [live set]

Friday, 19 January 2018 at 8pm

Locations : Studio
Category : Live events and performances
Discipline : Music
Public price : 15 € / 10 €
Public : All ages
Duration : 45'
Author : Ryoji Ikeda

supercodex [live set] is a concert taken from the eponymous 2013 album; the final part of Ikeda’s trilogy on Raster-Noton since 2005 that has been exploring the potential between ‘data of sound’ and ‘sound of data’. Taking the shape of an audiovisual concert supercodex [live set] uses raw data and mathematical models to generate music and projections. A continuation of superposition (2012) which focuses on quantum information, the concert reworks musical concepts from this work into an immersive club show.
What at first sounds like a battle of digital noise, blips and bass drones, gradually engages the listener with elements of techno and dance music, Live, the use of stark visuals add textures of percussion making it difficult to distinguish between the senses. Ikeda uses different and continuous fragments to construct one flux; creating a union between visual and auditory dimensions which reveals, between codes and calculations, a beating heart as well as the arithmetical and computational essence of sound.

Concept, composition: Ryoji ikeda
Computer graphics, programming: Tomonaga Tokuyama



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