Evening #5 - Min Tanaka, Locus Focus, outdoor performance

Off-site eventsEvening #5 - Min Tanaka, Locus Focus, outdoor performance

Saturday November 11th 2017 at 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm

Locations : Église des Trinitaires
Category : Off-site events
Discipline : Performance
Public price : Accès libre dans la limite des places disponibles.
Public : All ages
Duration : 30'
Author : Min Tanaka

“I do not dance in a place, I dance the place.” This adage of Min Tanaka, as brief as a haiku, sums up the entire process of the Japanese choreographer. What he calls “Body Weather” is a dance in which the body is in perpetual transformation, like the weather, in an intense exchange with its environment. The choreographer concentrates his dance on the place that he “inhabits” with his body and from which he harnesses his energy. “When I dance, I leave nothing behind. Nothing has changed but everything has changed”, explains Min Tanaka. His dance is an art of passage, of the ephemeral. With Locus Focus, he captures the meteorology of a place to embody all the atmospheric variations, like a barometer or a seismograph. Locus Focus is the name of a series of performances that Min Tanaka started in 2004. The project is deeply connected to the space that the dancer invests, in various places in our everyday environment around the world. The movement, forged by the place where it occurs, is different each time. For this new instalment of Locus Focus, Min Tanaka will improvise in the multiple spaces he invests, a rare opportunity to see this outstanding artist. Min Tanaka is an experimental and avantgarde dancer, deeply inspired by Tatsumi Hijikata, founder of Ankoku Butoh, Dance of Darkness.
In 1974, Tanaka began to evolve towards “hyperdance”, focusing on the psycho-physical unity of the body. His forms of artistic expression have led to numerous collaborations with intellectuals and visual artists from around the world, from Gilles Deleuze to Anna Halprin. He presented his work abroad for the first time in 1978, guest of the pluridisciplinary event conceived by Arata Isozaki and the Autumn Festival Ma: Space-Time in Japan.

Dans le cadre d’Exp.édition 2017, biennale de la danse Grand Est.

Dans le cadre du week-end EST EXPRESS en partenariat avec le Mudam-Luxembourg.

Rendez-vous en octobre pour connaître le lieu du spectacle.



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