Etel Adnan - #CultureChezNous - Day 1

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Dear soul,
      I’m telling you
you live not in
but around,
      in a circle
      a cloud

Sleep next to me
      where no one

don’t make me wait, as
      we know so little about
          each other

The heat is rising, the one
      that targets young
          predators when on an

Why are we lonelier when
          together, wherever that

Shall we then search for
      love’s trembling

or sit under a pyramid’s
          somewhere in Mexico,
the clouds,
      oh the clouds!


Etel Adnan’s work is a beautiful invitation to stay aware, to support and to hope.
Known both for her paintings and her writings with a strong civil intonation, Etel Adnan has always tried to offer a new language that could reflect a meditative approach to our destiny, staying in close contact with the reality around us, recalling the need for solidarity, as a form of resistance and a sense of collectie responsibility for each of us.

Etel Adnan, Night, Nightboat Books, New York, 2016.