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Marcelline Delbecq - Un battement de cils

Un battement de cils
Artist’s book
Published: May 2009

Un battement de cils (A flutter of the eyelashes) (2009) is a sound itinerary created specifically for the city of Metz by Marcelline Delbecq as part of the “Constellation” event (May 15th-October 4th 2009).

Caught up in a journey hovering between reality and drift, the spectator/listener is invited to plunge into this urban environment. This itinerary, for which a map is provided, contains a set of pictures that can act like punctum, photograms captured by the retina during a single flutter of the eyelash. The fixed landmarks chosen for the itinerary contrast with the mobility of the narrative and of the spectator/listener who is invited to flutter around the city.

Price in France: 8 euros

32 pages, 12 x 16.5 cm, soft-cover in presentation box

Graphic design: Chi Wai Ng

ISBN : 978-2-35983-000-2