Davide Bertocchi - #CultureChezNous - Giorno 43

Davide Bertocchi - Giorno 43

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For this week, the Italian artist Davide Bertocchi shares his quarantine entropy, which gathers :
- Vincenzo Agnetti, La Macchina Drogata (The Drugged Machine),1968
A customized Olivetti calculator that converted accounting into « poetry » machine or simply into nonsense text.
- Thierry Kuntzel, Le Tombeau de Saussure (The Tomb of Saussure), 1974-1976
A text that challenged the double status of language as visual and sound matter.
- while listening to his Top100 vol.7, a compilation of the favorite songs of 100 artistic personalities (art critics, artists, curators, galleries, collectors, etc.). This project, initiated in 2003 through his invitations, has resulted in the creation of a sculpture.