Centre Pompidou-MetzThe Institution


The President of the board of directors is Serge Lasvignes, President of the Centre Pompidou. The Vice-President is François Grosdidier, President of Metz Métropole.

Jean-Marie Rausch, former minister and mayor of Metz, has been awarded, on an honorary basis, the title of Honorary President of the Centre Pompidou-Metz.

The seats on the Centre Pompidou-Metz board of directors are divided up between the Centre Pompidou, the French State, Metz Métropole, the Grand Est Region and the City of Metz. The president of the Moselle Department Council and the president of the Wendel group board of directors, the founding patron, sit on the board of directors as qualified individuals.


The EPCC’s board of directors consists of 26 members, broken down as follows:

  • Centre Pompidou: 7 seats;
  • French State: 1 seat;
  • Qualified individual appointed by the President of the Centre Pompidou: 1 seat;
  • Metz Métropole: 7 seats;
  • Grand Est Region: 5 seats;
  • City of Metz: 1 seat;
  • Mayor of Metz: 1 seat;
  • Employee representatives: 2 seats;
  • President of the Moselle Department Council, or his/ her representative, in the capacity of a qualified individual: 1 seat.

The Director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz is Chiara Parisi.

Members of the board of directors


Serge Lasvignes, President of the Centre Pompidou

François Grosdidier, President of Metz Métropole

Representatives of the Centre Pompidou
Julie Narbey, CEO, Bernard Blistène, director of the national modern art Museum, Sophie Cazes, legal and financial Director, Mathieu Potte-Bonneville, Director of cultural development, Catherine Guillou, Director of publics, Brigitte Léal, assistant director,  Collection Care 

French state representative
Josiane Chevalier, prefect for the Grand Est Region or his representative

Representatives of Metz Métropole
Jean-Luc Bohl, 1st Vice-President, Anne Fritsch-Renard, Vice-President, Martine Michel, Vice-President, Patrick Thil, community counsellor, Philippe Manzano, community counsellor, Timothée Bohr, community counsellor

Representative of the Grand Est Region
Pascal Mangin, Vice-President, Thierry Gourlot, regional counsellor, Thierry Hory, regional counsellor, Jean-Pierre Liouville, regional counsellor, Marie-Louise Kuntz, regional counsellor

Mayor of Metz, the city housing the Institution
François Grosdidier, Mayor of Metz or his representative

Representative of the City of Metz
Corinne Friot, community counsellor

Employee representatives of the Centre Pompidou-Metz
Djamila Clary, Visitor Relations and Sales Officer
Jean-Pierre Del Vecchio, Systems and Networks Administrator

Qualified individuals
Patrick Weiten, President of the Moselle Department, or his representative
Nicolas ver Hulst, President of the Wendel Supervisory Board, appointed by the President of the Centre Pompidou.