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The Amphitheatre district is located in a 38-hectare mixed development zone in the immediate proximity of Metz railway station. The Centre Pompidou-Metz is the bridgehead of this district currently undergoing construction. A new urban space dedicated to culture, housing and business, this district is proof of Metz Métropole’s ambition to become an attractive European centre.

The project is based on a North-South axis, on either side of the Metz freight railway station. 2 spaces can be identified: the East side, already developed, whose main features are the Arenas and Seille Park, and the West side that will accommodate the Amphitheatre district.

The Amphitheatre district has been created with two aims in view: encourage urban diversity and promote sustainable development. By accommodating a wide variety of activities it will become a “genuine urban district”, combining on a single site shops, offices and housing, together with cultural and sports amenities. The Amphitheatre district will also conform to sustainable development requirements, as all the buildings constructed on this site will satisfy the High Quality Environmental Standard (HQE) with, for example, vegetated roofs and solar collectors. The site will also be served by the future “green” public transport network, the METTIS.

The architect and urban planner Nicolas Michelin is responsible for following up the urban design of this new district and ensuring coherency between the various structures.

The future district will accommodate:

  • the Rue Courbe which, in addition to being the main street, will include pedestrian areas, cycle tracks and serve the buildings housing offices, shops and homes;
  • the front square, offering a place where people can relax and stroll around, linking the Amphitheatre district to the TGV railway station;
  • the Halle, with a business and tertiary vocation.

Key figures

  • Mixed development zone surface area: 38 hectares

  • 28 hectares for the west side of the Amphitheatre district

  • Roughly 310 000 m2 of constructible land: 123,000 m2 of activities, 136,000 m2 of housing and 51,000 m2 of amenities

  • 700 parking spaces in the car park under the front square

  • The first stone of the Amphitheatre district was laid at the end of 2010

  • Building in the mixed development zone started in 2011

  • End of work scheduled for 2018