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1917 - Exhibition Catalogue
1917 - Exhibition Catalogue

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Exhibition Catalogue. Directed by Claire Garnier et Laurent Le Bon
Published: May 2012

The catalogue for 1917 is the sixth to be published by the Centre Pompidou-Metz. Whereas the exhibition addresses its subject thematically, the 600 pages and 1,070 illustrations of the catalogue adopt a complementary approach in three parts, namely a series of essays, a dictionary, and a journal for the year. In part one, three essays by historians and art historians shed a general light on the year 1917. The second part takes the form of a dictionary of 1917, comprising 225 concise bibliographic and thematic entries on the people, events, places, disciplines, culture, art and ordinary life that "made" the year. This part is illustrated by many of the works and documents in the exhibition. Part three, a journal for the year, uses the then popular almanac form, with two brief introductions on image literacy. Each day is represented by a calendar and a timeline of military, diplomatic, political and cultural events, and is illustrated by documents available to the public in 1917, such as posters and magazines. The catalogue cover and the exhibition's graphic identity overall are inspired by the camouflage of Texas, a cargo ship requisitioned in the First World War.

Price: €49,90
592 pages, hardcover
Graphic Design: Laurent Pinon and Aurore Jannin
ISBN: 978-2-35983-019-4
Editor : Centre Pompidou-Metz