Evening #6 - Tomoko Sauvage, Water Bowls, performance-concert (creation)

Live events and performancesEvening #6 - Tomoko Sauvage, Water Bowls, performance-concert (creation)

Saturday, 9 December 2017 at 3pm

Locations : Studio
Category : Live events and performances
Discipline : Music
Public price : Billet unique pour Timeless & Water Bowls.
10 € / 5€ (Tarif réduit appliqué également sur présentation du billet d’accès aux expositions du jour).
Public : All ages
Author : Tomoko Sauvage (création)

Tomoko Sauvage, a sound artist based in Paris, has been working for several years with waterbowls, comprising hydrophones immersed in porcelain bowls of various sizes, filled with water. The drops, waves and bubbles with which she plays resonate in the bowls forming natural harmonics according to the resonance of the place. This electro-aquatic framework is a delicate balance between control and chance, order and disorder, fleeting and repeating.

Projet soutenu par La Pommerie/CRAFT (conception de bols en porcelaine, Limousin) et Aquatian Audio (Hydrophones, États-Unis)



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