Evening #6 - Gōzō Yoshimasu and Kukangendai, Embroidery of fire, performance-concert (creation, first show in France)

Live events and performancesEvening #6 - Gōzō Yoshimasu and Kukangendai, Embroidery of fire, performance-concert (creation, first show in France)

Friday, 8 December 2017 at 8pm

Locations : Studio
Category : Live events and performances
Discipline : Music
Public price : 15 € / 10 €
Public : All ages
Duration : 90'
Author : Gōzō Yoshimasu et Kukangendai (création)

Poet and film-maker, Gozo Yoshimasu is considered to be one of the most important contemporary poets in Japan and acknowledged throughout the world for his performances. At the same time a calligrapher and photographer, he has set himself free from the traditional distinctions between poetic genres, combining poems and images, objects and videos with other artists, and reviving the practice of declamation through the power of his public recitals in which all the resources of the voice and the breathing come into play. Yoshimasu’s poetry can be explored as a web of interconnected images, objects and words that reflect a contradictory feeling of nostalgia and distance, reinforced by improvised music. He regularly collaborates with visual artists and free jazz and improvisation musicians such as Otomo Yoshihide. He published his first collection of poetry in 1964 and has received numerous awards in Japan and abroad. His latest opus, Kaibutsu-kun (Dear Monster), is a long poem written between 2012 and 2016 in the aftermath of the Tsunami. It was published in 2016.

Kukangendai, a group formed in 2006, creates its music through a process of editing, repetition and deliberate errors, creating a feeling of distortion. In recent years, the group has tried to develop and implement a form of live concert in which they simultaneously play several songs that turn into a single rhythmic flow. Based in Kyoto, they also run a venue called SOTO.

The first performance of a rare collaboration between Gozo Yoshimasu and this young rock band was commissioned for the retrospective devoted to the poet at the MOMAT in Tokyo in 2016. It was based on the theme of the Monster Kaibutsu, dear to Yoshimasu since the Fukushima disaster.


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